Clouds Uncredited

A recent trip to the Tidal Basin in Washington D.C. unveiled this year’s display of Cherry Blossoms. I estimated the distribution of buds as Peduncle Elongation (~30%) to Puffy White (~30%) to Peak Bloom (~20%), generating a range of shapes and tones to photograph.

Unheralded were the clouds. Replacing the unseasonable series of 60+ degree days, D.C. was near-wintered today with temperatures close to freezing and sleet / snow falling. Dreary as it was, the clouds gave a great backdrop contrast to the tree-adorned flowers and buds. Over the years, I’ve collected many shots with bright blue skies and puffy white clouds as the background for full flowers. Today, the grey forced the flowers to look their whitest and the branches to grow dark. I processed the collection as b/w, believing the lack of color fit the day’s captures well.

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